Glasses recipients

Reading Glasses Recipients showing their gratitude to IWHA

Reading glasses program has been one of the most cherished among the beneficiaries. Many elderly people who could not read or write because of failing eyesight rediscovered their readability. In the last 10 years over 100,000 people have received reading glasses in the project area.

Reading glasses has restored the dignity of many grandparents in the project area. They use these in church meetings, group meetings, household chores like sewing clothes for the grandchildren, helping grandchildren with school assignments, weaving baskets for income, reading the Bible and writing some very critical issues that FOTO project has solved in Lower Nyakach.


  • Johana Oguka 67 yrs old from Rangul Location say “am now able to read the newspaper comfortably and get all the news in the world”.
  • Anne Obonyo 65 yrs old from Fuare Upper Village Kandaria West Location says am happy to be able read and write with no assistance from my grandchildren and keep my phone secret from the Public.
  • Leotina Ojwang 73 yrs old from Michura village East Nyakach, says “ I can now put thread through the eye of the needle and make many baskets using the reading glasses “Erokamono” IWHA sponsors for changing my life”.
  • Eliakim Abok 78 yrs old is senior village elder from Oyiegi Obaje Village, Kabodho West Location says “ am now able to take notes and record issues affecting my household with ease which was not possible before getting the reading glasses from FOTO Project.”
Woman holding a FOTO Calendar and Aqua Guard

Woman holding a FOTO Calendar and Aqua Guard

Calendars, Note books, Pens, Tool Kits, Key holders and Bottle openers have been cherished and valued items in FOTO project operational area. The items have touched every live of the people of Lower Nyakach and beyond.

Ezekiel Manyala a senior village elders form Kowinyo Village, Asao Location says “ I cannot go to a meeting without carrying the FOTO Note book and a pen written Eliminate water borne diseases in Lower Nyakach”. The items have been a powerful Marketing tool in FOTO project and made project management work in the field very easy and effective.

FOTO staff uniforms has made FOTO project work very visible in the community and revered the pride of Lower Nyakach.