FOTO is run by a Board/ Executive Committee which is the highest governing body working through the Project Director as the Chief Executive Officer. The Committee is the policy making body of the organization and meets quarterly to receive and review management reports from the Director for strategic direction. It is comprised of men and women of integrity and diverse professional backgrounds.

FOTO has a decentralized management system with the Project Director responsible for the overall management of the program. Ensuring compliance with the grant requirements including, timely submission of quality reports to donors and the Executive Committee, ensuring integration of the FOTO program with other sectors in the region as well as liaising with local organizations and cultivating relationships with key stakeholders. She/he ensures good stewardship of the grant funds by regular review of the budget vis-à-vis programs implementation. The Director ensures good working relationship with other Organizations. She/he is in charge of programs and strategies. She/he also provides technical assistance in project design and development of detailed implementation plan. She/he is the point person for all communications between FOTO, donors and stake holders.

The  Project Coordinator reports to the Project Director and allocates his time in the day-to-day management of the organization. His principle responsibilities include supervision of the programs, ensuring project and management quality of the project. ensuring compliance with the grant requirements including timely submission of quality reports, ensuring integration of the OLD PEOPLE/ OVC program with other sectors in the community and cultivating relationships with key stakeholders including other NGOs and different Government Ministries  in Lower Nyakach.