1. Why is FOTO working only in Lower Nyakach?

FOTO is a small organization with limited resources

  1. Why does FOTO not consider needy boys for the sponsorship program?

Girls are more vulnerable than boys and their conditions are usually aggravated by difficult situations.

  1. Why does FOTO not give certified seeds to all the elderly people of Lower Nyakach

Limited funds and also some elderly people have the financial capacity – some are on pension, while others have successful businesses and others have children who take good care of them

  1. How is it possible that aqua guard kills germs?

Aqua guard contains 1.2%  sodium hypochlorite (chlorine). This is the solution that is used to treat water in many countries of the whole world.

  1. Why does FOTO not help the elderly to put up houses or repair their houses during floods and other disasters

FOTO cannot address all community needs because of limited funds. Moreover, these are activities outside our mandate.

  1. How does FOTO recruit field staff?

Each Location has sub locations and we ensure that each sub location is represented. We float vacancies through the local administration. Do interviews and select.

  1. When and how does FOTO disengage staff?

FOTO is very strict on discipline especially at the community level.We believe in respect of all people at all times. Our staff are expected to display high standards of professionalism, humility and respect for the community with whom we work. Any unprofessional handling of the community reflects immediately on the organization. Any cases from the field which do not meet the expectations of the organization are promptly advised. A second occurrence is warned in writing and a third occurrence leads to dismissal. We try to be patient and understanding. Sometimes some people will be counselled several times before they are warned or relieved of their duties.

  1. Does FOTO take volunteers?

Yes. We however have no funds at the moment to pay allowance to volunteers.