Friends of the Old will work towards the improvement of the welfare of the aged and orphans and vulnerable children within the community and support their contributions to development.  


The people we serve be healthy, benefit from the natural goods of the earth and live  fulfilling lives.


The goal is zero – To eliminate water borne diseases to zero in Lower Nyakach


  1. To create awareness on the state of drinking waters  and the danger of drinking unsafe water to the entire population of Lower Nyakach by 2025
  1. To improve the food security in at least 3,000 households of senior citizens and orphaned and vulnerable children by 2025
  2. To promote clean and disease free environment and inculcate a culture of environmental and disease awareness in Lower Nyakach by 2025
  3. To enhance the capacity of senior citizens to produce food for their families in Lower Nyakach Division by 2025.
  1. To enhance equal studying opportunities in schools and at home for both boys and girls in Lower Nyakach Division by 2025