FOTO project seeing the elderly struggling to feed their orphaned grandchildren decided to address the problem by introducing certified seeds distribution with the objective of improving food security situation at the household level by at least 30%.

FOTO organization being a very small organization could not be able to provide to all the vulnerable people with certified seeds and therefore the distribution was targeted to vulnerable elderly aged 65 years and above living with their grandchildren. The beneficiaries of the certified seeds were happy because they could not afford to buy certified seeds from the seed company. Initially, FOTO project started by distributing only 108 packets of 2kgs per Location.

It is a amazing to see that by the year 2020 this figure doubled and many more beneficiaries have been receiving certified seeds which has  improved their livelihood in line with FOTO project objective.

  1. Some Certified Seeds Beneficiaries.

FOTO beneficiaries of certified sorghum seeds have expressed their gratitude saying that the season is going to be very good than last year’s one. Many are very optimistic on the progress so far with enough rain it will bumper harvest this season.

Agoro West Location – Kanyibana Village

weeding crops

Erka Okuto helping Leonida Akungu 80 year old in thinning bad and excess crops


“The plants are doing well, she is carrying out farm practices like thinning to remove bad crops and prevent competition for nutrients and sunlight for better produce”





Agoro West Location – Kabudho B Village


Martha Akumu Ongere 85 years with her grandchildren in their sorghum farm after they did second weeding


These grandchildren have helped me a lot, they did first weeding and second weeding and they did everything in the farm for me and we expect more produce. I thank the project for always supporting me”




Agoro West Location – Kamaina Village

Margaret photo

Margaret Okuta 75 years old carrying out thinning on her farm


Aeration is very important for a crop that’s why I am doing thinning to allow my crops to grow well and increase production. Thanks to FOTO project for the certified seeds”




North East Location

Roselida weeding

Roselida Okungu weeding her farm
for the second round.


“I am very happy with the certified seeds I received from FOTO project and hope to get a bumper harvest this season”.




Anjeline weeding

Anjeline Auko weeding her farm for the second round


” FOTO gave me the best sorghum seeds and am very grateful to the sponsors my farm is promising.”




Staff at work

FOTO staff assisting Vetalis Lala 79 year old on his farm after floods swept
part of the farm.


I feel much grateful they came to assist me do gaping in my farm and I hope of getting bumper harvest at the end of this season. Thanks to the project management for this wonderful program”